The 11th European Foundation for Plant Pathology (EFPP) conference was held in Kraków (Poland) from 8th to 13th September 2014. The conference was organized by the Polish Phytopathological Society on behalf of the EFPP. The honorary patronage was provided by Marek Sawicki – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland and Adam Wasiak, Director General of the National Forest Holding “State Forests”.

The conference was preceded by the meeting of the EFPP Board and invited guests. The meeting was attended by 15 persons from 10 countries. The honorary participant of the meeting was Dr. Deena Errampalli – the President of the Canadian Society for Plant Pathology.


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The EFPP Board and guests at the 11th EFPP Conference in Kraków

In front, from left to right: Dr. Arne Hermansen (EFPP treasurer, Norway), Prof. Piet M. Boonekamp (EFPP vice-president, The Netherlands), Prof. Małgorzata Mańka (EFPP president, Poland), Dr. Martin Verbeek (EFPP general secretary, The Netherlands). Middle row, from left to right: Prof. Tatiana E. Şeşan (Romania), Dr. Deena Errampalli (the honorary guest of 11th EFPP Conference, Canada), Prof. Małgorzata Jędryczka (Poland), Dr. Lesley Torrance (UK).Back row, from left to right: Prof. Piotr Sobiczewski (Poland), Prof. Maria I. Clara (Portugal), Prof. Maria M. Lopez (Spain), Dr. Petr Komínek (Czech Republic), Prof. Radovan Pokorný (Czech Republic), Dr. Victoria Luksha (Belarus), Dr. Natalia Sklimenok (Belarus), Prof. Nenad Keča (Serbia)


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Participants of the 11th EFPP Conference in Kraków


 11th EFPP Conference REPORT

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